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Just plug in some new channels, do a bit of social integration and off you go? Well at Coeus, we see it slightly differently.

Digital is easy?

Digital is a major transformation for any business, one where the culture needs to match the strategy, as much as the back office needs to work in tandem with the front office.  As Peter Druker puts it “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and in a similar way “the front office often eats the back office for breakfast”, if we don’t design and manage the technology stack front to back.

In this paper we explain why we believe Digital is not something that can be simply added on to a business, it is a whole business transformation which is enabled though the use of new technologies.

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about the author

Ben Barry

Ben is an experienced business and IT transformation professional with over 20 years in consulting and management. He has coached and led senior clients on strategy development through to transformation and benefits delivery.


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