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February, 2016

2016 Coeus Consulting survey report

Get all the latest on emerging and current technology trends, 2-Speed IT insights, IT budgets and spend, as well as the effect that technology is having on the availability on skills.

We undertook this survey in order to illustrate the ‘lay of the land’ regarding current and emerging technologies and current IT spend and budgets.  In particular we were keen to explore the impact of Digital on the IT operating model. We also wanted to provide you with the latest employment trends and a view of the effect that technology is having on the availability of skills.

September, 2015

What's in IT for me?

At Coeus we understand that embedding any type of transformational IT change is not instantaneous, but takes time to evolve as a programme or project moves from initiation through to implementation and benefits realisation. Technological changes will always have an impact on people, not to mention the wider culture, governance models and more broadly, ways of working across the impacted organisation.

Our 'What's in IT for me' Coeus Insights paper explores these mistakes, how best to avoid them, and outlines our Coeus best practice business change methodology developed through our experience supporting our clients through their successful transformation journeys.

March, 2015

Digital is easy?

Digital is a major transformation for any business, one where the culture needs to match the strategy, as much as the back office needs to work in tandem with the front office.  As Peter Druker puts it “culture eats strategy for breakfast” and in a similar way “the front office often eats the back office for breakfast”, if we don’t design and manage the technology stack front to back.

In this paper we explain why we believe Digital is not something that can be simply added on to a business, it is a whole business transformation which is enabled though the use of new technologies.

December, 2014

Outsourcing - Third Time Lucky?

The emerging trend of large organisations entering into 'third generation' IT outsourcing contracts shows that significant lessons have been learnt from the problems associated with the first generation and second generation approaches of the past 20 years. In this paper, we look into the failures of first and second generation IT outsourcing and how the adoption of third generation outsourcing models might address some of these challenges.

June, 2014

SIAM - Are some services too important to outsource?

The awareness and presence of Service Integration and Management (SIAM) has grown in recent years as large UK companies, global organisations and government departments implement dedicated functions to manage multiple vendors in a multi-sourced environment.

This paper explores how many organisations have packaged up SIAM as an additional tower to facilitate outsourcing to a third party. However, the outsourcing of SIAM is fraught with challenges and few organisations have yet to make it work. In fact many are already bringing it back in-house.

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