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There are a number of common mistakes made during transformation programmes, which specifically contribute to low user adoption, delays to project and programme delivery and often poor return on investment. Our 'What's in IT for me' Coeus Insights paper explores these mistakes and how best to avoid them.

What's in IT for me?

At Coeus we understand that embedding any type of transformational IT change is not instantaneous, but takes time to evolve as a programme or project moves from initiation through to implementation and benefits realisation. Technological changes will always have an impact on people, not to mention the wider culture, governance models and more broadly, ways of working across the impacted organisation.

Our 'What's in IT for me' Coeus Insights paper explores these mistakes, how best to avoid them, and outlines our Coeus best practice business change methodology developed through our experience supporting our clients through their successful transformation journeys.

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about the author

Catherine Randles

Catherine is a subject matter expert in IT strategy, IT effectiveness, target operating model and organisation design, and heads up the Coeus strategy practice. Catherine also specialises in the management of large scale IS infrastructure, digital applications development and sourcing programmes.


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