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Learn how Coeus helped a Solution Design team define and strengthen its offering to the business by providing a roadmap for the coming 3 years.

Enterprise Architecture Roadmap


As part of a corporate restructure, the client created a Solution Design team within their Business Systems department which had been supporting the business by providing technical advice and strategic guidance on a range of technical and architectural issues to projects. The Solution Design team has the ambition to become a trusted strategic advisor to the business:

  • Pulling domain knowledge together to provide clear vision;
  • Direction and guidance to projects and BAU activity,
  • Ensuring that such activity is aligned and targeted to the organisation’s strategic objectives.

As a result the Solution Design team needed to define and strengthen its offering to the business by providing a roadmap for the coming 3 years, which is where Coeus come into support.


The Coeus team conducted a review of the team, including:

  • Analysis of the demands on the team, including day-to-day activity, project support, and addressing the technology vision & challenges.
  • Gap Analysis of the teams activities regarding the description of the work and roles which catalogue, model and plan for change to the high-level business systems that support them (Principles, policies and plans).
  • Exploration of trends in the wider market place and analysis of the potential impact of these trends on the clients technology visioning and innovation.Supporting the organisation’s vision and objectives with “Big Ideas” taking into consideration emerging trends in business and technology.


The Coeus team worked with the Solution Design Team to develop:

  • Team Mandate: Delivered the Solution Design Team’s organisation and approach to deal with business demands, challenges and day-to-day activity.
  • Team Vision & Strategy: Delivered the vision and strategy inline with Business Objectives that places the Solution Design Team in a pro-active position to innovation & technological development.
  • Team Roadmap: Delivered a three year roadmap plotting the Solution Design team’s activity in a visual way on both a day-to-day basis and in support of the strategy on a timeline. This includes known regular recurring deliverables to the IT Governance meeting, activity in support of the project roadmap, and keeping abreast of new developments and trends in areas appropriate to organisation’s business.


The benefits of working with the Coeus team were:

  • Clearly defined internal team activity around ways of working and team service proposition, as well as help focus the creation of a framework-based architecture repository to support it.
  • A roadmap aligned with the business cycle, roadmap and strategy, clearly identifying architectural deliverables and activity and when they will be created and delivered.
  • A roadmap providing effective ownership and governance and a wide understanding around the department about its purpose, value and status.
  • The roadmap will be maintained as a “living artefact” clearly defining ownership and governance within the Solution Design Team driving the strategic approach to architecture that adresses the whole of clients business.

about the author

Matthew Headford

Matthew is Head of Technology and Architecture at Coeus Consulting. Matthew's specialisms include the development of technology strategy, architecture definition, product selection and delivery.


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